Thursday, February 18, 2016

Complaints Form: Are Muslims not allowed to Enter Philippines..?

Name*:Mukhtar Ahmad Malik
Subject of Complaint*:Are Muslims not allowed to Enter Philippines..?
Details of Complaint*:Hi Sir,

My name is Mukhtar Ahmad Malik, I am from Jammu & Kashmir (India), I was employed in different companies Like: One Touch Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Noida) & IBM Gurgaon in New Delhi for almost 7 Years. I have left my last job in 2012. Since then I am self Employed, I am doing a Digital Marketing, Software Development & Website Development from my home based small Office in Jammu & Kashmir.

This time I am emailing you from Manila International Airport Terminal 3 (Execution Room). I arrived to Philippines on 16th Feb. I came from New Delhi to Kaulalampur & from Kaulalampur to Manila.

Dear Sir, I really want to share my experience (With you & with other people in the world).The Immigration officer who took my interview here in Manila & refused my entry to Philippines after having a proper visa. I wanted to visit my friend (A 71 years old lady my so called Mother & also one of my Client in Canada) Miss Patricia Laycano . Who I know from Canada as she lives in Canada & Philippines with Dual Citizenship. The question which raises in my mind all the time is: Why an Immigration Officer refused my entry to Philippines without giving me any logical reason. He asked me some questions which I answered simply. The Questions like:

Why are you visiting Philippines?
Sir to visit my friend

How do you know your friend?
Sir I know her from Canada as I have many clients in Canada who take the services from me & she is one of them.

What do you do?
Sir I am self employed. I do a Digital Marketing.

Do you have a credit card?
Yes Sir (I gave the credit card to an Officer)

Why your credit card has your picture on it?
Sir because some credit cards come with the picture of the owner on it.

Do you carry cash with you & how much?
Yes sir, I carry Thirty Thousand rupees with me.

How much is that in US Dollars?
Sir One US Dollar is equal to around 60 Rupees, So it is around 500 USD.

Do you have a return tickets?
Yes sir. (I gave my documents to the Officer including my return tickets, passport, Invitation letter & passport of my Friend (Mother). Credit card, Voter ID, Aadhar card, Drivers license, Pan Card).

After a discussion with other officers sitting there, Officer Said:
"Come with me, I am not convinced, we are going to send you back to India" and asked me to sit on the chair.

Then another person came to me & Asked me…..:
Is your name Ahmad..?
Yes Sir.
Are you Muslim..?
Yes Sir.
Are you from Srinagar Kashmir?
Yes Sir.

Ooo OKk (Officer replied & left)
I went to the officer who took my interview & said patiently: Sir, can we talk about the Matter..?
Office replied Rudely: Whattttt..? Sit there (Showed me the chairs away from him)

Another thing which really pissed me off (An Air Asia Employee who was carrying my Passport & other Documents) Said that my name has been put in the blacklist (Which means I will never be able to visit Philippines)
Sir, Since my childhood tonight was the first time I bleeded from my nose, my blood pressure raised, Just one Question which is not letting me neither sleep nor wakeup is:

Is this a crime in your country, Being a Muslim, Ahmad from Kashmir..?

Sir, My Friend (Mother & Client) went to the Immigration Head office & made a request in the head office for the Recall. She spended there 2 days to follow the request letter. & I am also waiting here in the execution room since i was arrived to Philippines, Today on 19th Feb she was hoping to get a positive response from the Immigration Office. & This is what she got: I called her & she asked me, where are you son? I said I am still in the airport Mom, Didnot you go to the Immigration Office? She cried & said : I am in a hospital My son, Someone has told me that you have already been taken back to Delhi. I was shocked & I am very sick now....

Dear Sir, I am going back... & Law will take care of this Inhumanity...
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