Thursday, October 1, 2015

Complaints Form: Down loaded form not excepted

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Name*:Gary Thayer
Subject of Complaint*:Down loaded form not excepted
Details of Complaint*:Yesterday I went to Cebu from Bohol with my finacee. I had to obtain an exit visa and she was applying for a passport. We downloaded all required forms via the official web site and prepared them at home prior to the appointment. My friend filled out the application. She had all the required information. When she attended the interview the interviewer would not except the application as the back of the form " showing requirments was not on the form. Then he refused the passport app because her birth certificate ( 38 years old) had the words late registration on it. A total day wasted, expense and we have to travel all over again. She left but spoke to another person who said the interviewer is always finding "faults" to refuse application. Maybe it is something you can look into. Not a happy day for us. I hold Australian/USA passports <br />
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