Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Complaints Form: Manila Horse Cart Driver

Subject of Complaint*:Manila Horse Cart Driver
Details of Complaint*:My family was travelling at Manila this January. We arrived Manila on Jan.30. On the same day, after we had a dinner at Manila Harbour, there were several horse carts staying at the roadside and they asked us to take their cart. One of them just followed us and we asked him how much it took to our hotel, Bayleaf. He said cloud and clear 'fifty'. We did think that it was reasonable so we three just took on the cart. But this man took us to a street without anyone and said that we had to pay him 1,500php, or he will not let us go. It was very dark at that time and my son is just a little boy. So we had no way but gave him 1,500! Manila gave us a very bad impression due to this accident. I took some pictures of this man, but they are not so clear. I hope you can find this man and give him some punishment.
Photo or Video:IMG_4053.jpg

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