Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Complaints Form: offloading

Subject of Complaint*:offloading
Details of Complaint*:why does BOI officers still offload people if they have the necessary documents and sufficient funds for the travel?? i was being offloaded today, because they said i lack documents for travel, as far as i know the only requirements that i need as a tourist are valid passport, roundtrip ticket and accommodation, i was able to show those documents and they asked for my company id, payslips, i even show my itr, still they question if those information are correct, if i'm still connected with my company, . I told them that we can have it verified by calling our company, but they refused to do so, they said that they dont do that. they even ask for a leave of absence letter.. i told that it my Days Off i dont need to have that. i'll just go on shopping and tour for 2 days with 750usd pocket money, and they still didnt consider that. they said they that i'm not financially capacitated and dont allow a solo traveller to go on a tour. They never gave a Bonafide travellers a fair chance to even explain their side. They even suggest that i should ask a relative to have an invitation if i really want to go, but the thing is i dont have a relative in Thailand.. how ridiculous those people are. And now i cant even refund my ticket because i bought in a travel agency, and i even ask them how can i get my money back, since the airline will not refund it? They said its not they problem anymore?? Seriously?? i told them that the airline company is NOT the one who offloaded me, and they're the who should be the who's responsible for that.. The system that they have really sucks! I hope the Head of BOI Sigfred Mison and the Philippine PRESIDENT can read this..they violating human rights! i hope they can give me an answer to this matter
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