Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Complaints Form: Being offloaded

Name*:John Smith
Subject of Complaint*:Being offloaded
Details of Complaint*:I witnessed a 20 something year old girl denied boarding because the immigration officer , Officer Navarro( a female- spelling is close enough) said her invitation to stay with someone in the other country was fake. I know it was not fake because she was on the invitation list. Do not go to the Philippines. There is no recourse . Are these people on a ego trip because they don't make enough to travel. Do they want a bribe ? I am not bothered because I am an American . But non- Philippine people are offloaded. This is a Third World Nazi country. You never know if you are next.Do not go to this country !!! You may not get out without a trip to your embassy. Yes maybe John Smith is misspelled for obvious reasons.
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