Monday, May 19, 2014

Complaints Form: Offloading

Subject of Complaint*:Offloading
Details of Complaint*:I just want to give justice to my friend who was traumatized about what the Cebu Immigration did to him. He has a tour package going to Singapore all documents was provided except for the ID of the Vice President of their company which is impossible to provide since it happened Sunday their Vice pres is in China, and what for? Thats why there is HR and Manager which authorize for all signatories required right? He was asked why he has the complete docs he was asked, the immigration tells him to show his money and count in front of her then after counting he was asked why he had a pocket money which is 30k. Is that a right question?? When even there is news that financial capacity is not a requisite for Filipinos who wish to travel abroad either as tourists or overseas Filipino workers from this article and this He is begging to let him board because all bookings are non refundable and non rebookable but the IO just said I dont care its not my problem anymore They deny the travel of my friend they are insisting he will just go there to find work what an accusation very unreasonable just to offload!!!!!!!!! His tour is for leisure travel. They put remarks that he needs to provide OWWA, OEC, and POEA so he can go, how can he provide such documents he is not an OFW. Its not on the requirements when you travel for leisure. they are not even caring for the time, effort and money all are wasted just because of this wrong accusation. My friend ask the name of that IO but she refuse to give her name why is she afraid of not letting him board without any valid reasons??? He even rebook his ticket and goes to Manila maybe they will just consider him to fly because he has all the required docs not that OEC. POEA and OWWA but still they don't allow because they said whatever the first assessment done it should be provided. How come he can provide those docs he is not an OFW?? For a tourist these are the only requirements airplane ticket, which is usually a two-way or round trip ticket, an authentic passport, and a proof that he has a place to stay in the country where he intends to go. The IO is giving too much emotional torture to my friend. Why they are not giving the right of a person to travel its very unconstitutional.

This is every Filipinos problem even if travelling abroad for leisure so sad to hear that our rights to travel is gone
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  1. I feel you.they did the same thing to me.i have 2 way plane ticket and hotel booking witch is not refundable.i almost shit in my pants when they stamp my boarding pass as cancelled by immigration.i tried it again on the next day.i rebook my ticket and come back on the next day.but shit happens I'm traumatize.i spend so much money time effort.i feel down cause i don't know what's wrong with good person educated.