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Complaints Form: Airport tax and terminal fee exemption for passengers travell

Name*:Mohammad Ismail
Subject of Complaint*:Airport tax and terminal fee exemption for passengers travelling with Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC)
Details of Complaint*:Dear Sir/Madam,

Philippine Embassy
The Embassy
Overview of Relations
Consular Services
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Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC)
Filipino workers abroad who are leaving for Philippines for a vacation and are returning to the same employer can be issued an Overseas Employment Certificate or OEC. The OEC holder shall be exempted from the payment of the Philippine travel tax amounting to P1,600.00 and the Airport Terminal Fee of P550.00.
OEC applicants must accomplish an OFW Information Sheet, and present the following:
Passport with a valid Work Permit
Valid Employment Contract verified by the POLO-KL / Stamp Registered by POEA
Proof of OWWA membership and Philhealth coverage,
Payment of RM10.00 for OEC and RM100.00 for OWWA
*The OEC is valid for sixty (60) days from the date of issue or until the expiration of the work permit, whichever comes first.

I am Mohammad Ismail from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. My friend Ruby Mendoza Lopera was employed as a domestic helper in Kuala Lumpur. She went back to Philippines on April 3.2014 for 2 weeks vacation. On April 9, 2014 evening she went to Cebu Pacific Air counter at Manila Airport to purchase a return ticket to Kuala Lumpur on April 14, 2014 but she was asked to pay the price of 6528,15 pesos. the itemised details of which are as follows :-

Base fare 3,809
Travel Insurance 250
Prepaid baggage 20 kg 580
Fuel charge 1749.15
Total price 6528.15

Ruby has an Overseas Employment Certificate, Contract of Employment and Notary issued by the Philippines Embassy in Kuala lumpur. According to your rules and regulations those passengers on home vacation with OEC, Contract of Employment and Notary are entitled to airport tax exemption of 1600 pesos and terminal fees of 550 pesos for the purchase of return ticket to the same employer overseas. I was told that the price offered to her was the same as that of normal passengers. Why was it my friend Ruby was not given the privilege of airport tax and terminal fee exemption when she came to Cebu Pacific Air counter to purchase a return ticket to Malaysia? Her full name is Ruby Mendoza Lopera Phil passport No : XX 5002955. Her contact no is +639156873603. She has a work permit and visa to work as a domestic helper issued by the Government of Malaysia.

Ruby Mendoza Lopera has bought an air ticket for night flight from Manila to Kuala Lumpur on April 14, 2014 on the afternoon April 10, 2014 vide Reference Booking No: NHKIFB. She paid a total price of 6528.15 pesos

She bought the ticket under OEC. I noticed there was a difference between ticket bought by passenger under OEC and that of ticket bought by normal passenger. Fuel charge was imposed on ticket bought under OEC but airport tax and terminal fee was charged on ticket issued to normal passenger. The amount of 1749.15 pesos charged for both category of passengers was the same. It would appear that Ruby was still charged to pay for airport tax and fee, same as a normal passenger and no exemption was given to her to travel as an OEC passenger since the same amount of 1749.15 pesos was charged to both category of passengers and the change in words between Fuel Charge and Tax and Fee was just to cover-up to indicate that an exemption was given to passengers travelling under OEC but in the true sense of the word no exemption was actually and genuinely given to passengers travelling under OEC. Could the Authority concerned kindly clarify and explain to my query as I intend to bring up this issue to the Government of Philippines.

Thank you.


Mohammad Ismail
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Mobile No . +60123092112
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