Saturday, December 21, 2013

Complaints Form: Offload

Name*:Elma Grace Tadeo
Subject of Complaint*:Offload
Details of Complaint*:My mom and my 7 year old cousin were supposed to leave the country bound to Hong Kong. My cousin's parents are currently working in Hong Kong and they invited my mom and my cousin for a christmas holiday there. Since my cousin is a minor, so they got a permit from DSWD prior to their flight. My mom is a DepEd employee so we are confident that she can leave the country because obviously she's employed and it's vacation anyway. But it turned out wrong. The immigration officer asked for her Permit to Travel from DepEd. My mom cannot produce the said document because she doesn't have one. Are DepEd people dont have the authority to travel given the fact that it's holiday? Common sense, but I guess the officers cannot understand the situation. They were offloaded! They are merciless individuals! My God its Christmas time!
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