Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Complaints Form: canadian overstay

Name*:for saftey better not
Subject of Complaint*:canadian overstay
Details of Complaint*:i am a canadian citizen and have stayed in the philippines for 5 years now and i overstayed for 3 years for i was marrying a filipino and we did then applied for her for visa and took almost 2 years to get it, we finally ot it so i wanted to get my passport fixed up so we could leave . i told the agency and they said they had a friend who worked in immiration that would do it for me ..i sent my passport to manila through a agency to get the overstay on my passport so i can go home with my wife, the immigration guy told the agency that my overstay was 59000 and if i send him additional 25000 he would have my passport done by that monday and i could leave to go to canada on the 13th,, the agency told me to book the ticket right away so i could get a good rate, i booked the ticket and it cost me 92000 , then the next day the immigration guy told the agency he could not do it by then cause i was on blacklist and also arrest list so the agency said i would have to rebook the ticket,so i told the agency maybe book it for the 29th , then the agency told me that the immigration guy called them and said for me to rebook the ticket for the 25th right away and and send it to him and if i send another 35000 that he would get my passport done for the 25th.i had no more money so i had to call my sis in canada to send me money, i needed 35000 plus it cost another 26000 for rebooking the ticket. my sis said she never had no money but would take it off her visa and she did and i rebooked the ticket and gave the agency another 35000 to give the immigration guy.. now we are all ready and they say i may not get my passport for the 25th and i have to buy a new ticket cause i can not rebook again. i have no money now they took it all and i do not know what to do. the agency said i will have to rebook but i can not cause i have no money for this,,the only reason i bought the first flight on the 13th was cause they told me to buy it,, then they are the ones who said to rebook again on the 25th and they assured me i would get the passport for sure and thats why i paid another 35000 there be no problems.. well as you see BIG problems on all their lies ..the agency called me in and said that the passport was on ministers desk and he never came iv so it was not signed so we could not go and i had to rebook that night,this was at 5 pm and they had to send to airlinr before 7 or i lose the ticket, she said the immigration guy would pay for rebook but he never gave no money then and agency had no money and i need to get 30700 to rebook the ticket and it would be not until feb 7 cause the tickets in january are to expensive,i had to call a friend and borrow the money from him cause i have none,i am only on a pension,,i was lucky he gave me the money and i have to pay back my mom is 79 and lives alone and has no one there and not in good health and on oxygen at home at it is winter there, she was expecting us on the 26, i called her and told her what happened and she cried and said she can not stay alone .she had a big turkey she was going to cook ,i called her next day and she still crying,, she told me she took down her little cermanic tree and never cooked the turkey and threw i in garbage and she was crying again,she is in not good health and it is the immiration guys fault and i think i paid him 55000 extra and he never did nothing,,everyone could not belive this.
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