Saturday, December 28, 2013

Complaints Form: bad customer service

Name*:melvin b. regalado
Subject of Complaint*:bad customer service
Details of Complaint*:Today dec 28, 2013 at around 4pm i visited the smart store located at gateway cubao,its been 4 months since the last time that i visited that store to get a replacement simcard since i was robbed...its been 4 months since the last time that i made a payment ,due to other circumtances i wasnt able to make any payment and im not recieving paper bill anymore,so my line was disconnected, i love smart service aswell as the people since i got my 13th month i have decided to settle my account and get my line reconnected again..when i entered the store i was asking for customer service to help me out about my payment and i was directed to go to the payment cashier section and they gave me a number..when its my turn i asked the guy named ELMER SAMPAYAN if he could help me chev my account as i want to pay the full amount and i just remembered that its about 7k that i have to settle but i wanted to make sure if its accurate i told him that i forgot my account number but i can give my full name, my mobile number and i have my valid id so he could assist me chevk my account and this rude guy responded "ay kailangan po ng account number eh" then i told him again that i dont know it anymore so i asked him "if thats the case so you cant help me anymore is that what your sayin?" And he answered " punta ka nalang sa cusyomer service ng matulungan ka " i approach one of the customer service a girl i forgot to ask for her name and clarrified what elmer said to me that he cant help me at all since i forgot my account number the girl said that they could locate my account using my mobile number,so i approach him again and told me again that he cant help me so i asked for his name and out surprised he wrote his name on a piece of paper what an attitude,i was shaking already and i was about to cry im really mad at him so i asked if i could speak to his manager and he said "walang manager" and a girl approached me and apologised for what happend and was able to give all the details about my account after asking for my valid id....after what happened im having a second thought if i still want to settle my account and still use smart as my mobile provider because of what he did i was frustrated and i dont deserve to be treated that way it was a horrible experience bad customer service i dont want to go to that store sad :( and im mad i cant forget his facial reaction putting such attitude when his talking i hate you...i love smart but im so disappointed with the service that i recieved from this guy...
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