Thursday, November 7, 2013

Complaints Form: Offloaded

Name*:Ian Rae
Subject of Complaint*:Offloaded
Details of Complaint*:My girlfriend, Joenalyn Cainoy Ba-ang, was planning to join me in HongKong on the 7th of November 2013 for two days vacation after which time we were to fly onto Singapore for a further two days vacation, she was then to return to Ph.
However she was not allowed to leave NAIA even though she was in possession of a ticket to HK on the PR310 flight, and also one from HK to Sg and one from Sg to Manila, she also had copies of the hotel bookings.
She is now stuck in Manila due to the typhoon, she traveled to Manila from Cebu on the 7th.
The situation is both our holidays are ruined, I travelled in from the UK for this vacation.
This is not the first case I have heard of this happening.
I am very annoyed with the Ph Govt's treatment of it's own citizens, and I know the excuse is to stop people trafficking but if being in possession of travel documents and hotel bookings isn't enough then what is?
This has all the signs of being a money making scam on the part of officials in NAIA?
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