Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Complaints Form: failed sprinkler system during fire

Name*:Deven Dequito
Subject of Complaint*:failed sprinkler system during fire
Details of Complaint*:a certain ELSON M CAPIRAL EMC, complained against me for their house burned due to failure of sprinkler was identifiied tru his email address as one of the owners of KAPPER Phil. a cebu based installer who designed and wrongly installed the system at Gaisano Capital south.they were instructed to service and correct the work but did not heed the request, prompting the technical manager of Gaisano,Mr.Emil Ong to instruct me to do the rehabilitation,unfortunately a fire accident occured before its completion.its all documented.the analysis that they used materials from the land of the chinky eyeds.He also claims that we are Muslims,excepts for abundant chicks and abhorrence of pork , barrels,thats far off.
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