Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Complaints Form: EMC ,s fake complaint on failed Sprinkler

Name*:Deven Dequito E
Subject of Complaint*:EMC ,s fake complaint on failed Sprinkler
Details of Complaint*:a certain EMC who complained against me is identified as Elson M. Capiral,a son of the owner of KAPPER Phil.,the true designer and installer of fire sprinkler of Gaisano Capital South.KAPPER phil. design and install the defective fire sprinkler of the mall but did not service and rectify the defects,forcing the technical manager of Gaisano Mr.Emil Ong at that time to contact and instructed me to do the rehabilitation,but unfortunately the fire accident happened before it was completed.the analysis was the design was inadequate and the materials used was the enferior kind from the land of the chinky eyed.i am never a muslim and i can never do violent acts.
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