Monday, September 2, 2013

Complaints Form: Fiancee Ofload twice

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Subject of Complaint*:Fiancee Ofload twice
Details of Complaint*:To
The Secretary department of tourism
Government Of Philippines

Kind Attention : Mr. RAMON R. JIMENEZ, JR. ( Secretary department of tourism )

Subject : Denial of Civil Liberties and Constitutional Rights of SRRV Visa holder on account of repeated illegal offloading of my fiancée at international airport and her consequent illegal confinement by Bureau of Immigration preventing her from travel to her fiancee overseas for past one year resulting in violation of our Human Rights.

Dear Sir ;

I am an Indian national and an Engineer by profession. I am a SRRV visa holder with SRRV number M0. My fiancée Miss Cristy Mata is a Filipino national with Passport number – xx1960195 and a graduate BS in Criminology. In connection with the aforesaid subject-matter please find enclosed herewith my letter to the Commissioner of Bureau of Immigration of Philippines for your kind attention .The contents of the letter are self explanatory.

I wish to bring to your notice that my fiancée's and for obvious reasons consequently in turn my civil and constitutional liberties as a SRRV Visa holder as enshrined under constitution of republic of Philippines are suspended on account of her repeated illegal offloading at international airport. Due to repeated illegal offloading my fiancée has been unable to meet me and my family in India for past one year and consequently she has hence been under illegal confinement by bureau of immigration of Philippines for this period on account of denial of her constitutional right to travel to her fiancée overseas. This has not only resulted in our separation for past one year on one hand but on the other hand we have been unable to plan our relationship and life together as a couple.

Whereas , on one side you may be putting in your all in efforts to attract tourists and investments , such brazen denial of civil liberties and constitutional rights to common citizens in a civilized democratic society definitely sends a wrong message to tourists and investors in general ; undermining your slogan of "its more fun in Philippines ".All countries have the problem of trafficking but to the best of my knowledge no civilized country resorts to such discretionary suppression and denial of civil liberties and constitutional rights of its common citizens in the name of curbing trafficking ; resulting in open corruption under the guise of immigration clearance and curbing trafficking.

As a goodwill gesture to an innocent tourist and his fiancée who has been victim of illegal offloading and consequent confinement for ( one year on account of denial of her right to travel to her fiancée overseas ) ; I shall appreciate any effort from your end in facilitating the refund and compensation of all my direct and consequential losses on account of such illegal denial of right to travel and consequent confinement of my fiancee by bureau officials in complete disregard of our constitutional liberties resulting in violation of our human rights.Further I also hope that we shall be dispensed with additional trouble of having to resort to the unpleasant means of legal action for restoration of our constitutional rights and liberties and for for refund and compensation against the direct and consequential losses suffered by us on account of such illegal offloading and confinement by an overauthoritative bureau of Immigration.

Therefore, I conclude my letter to you with my request seeking your support for all possible assistance to facilitate my fiancée's advance travel clearance to India from bureau of immigration in view of the fact that my fiancée Miss Cristy Mata was offload twice under misjudged, illegitimate discretion by bureau of Immigration staff seeking work permit / POEA clearance from her while she was on a visit to India on a tourist visa for meeting her fiancée in India. The details of such offloading are mentioned in my letter to the Bureau of Immigration dated 02/09/2013 enclosed alongwith for your kind reference.

Through advance clearance from the bureau we only wish to ensure that there is no further financial loss and mental agony to us in addition to the losses incurred, repeated mental agony and separation for past one year suffered by us so far for no reason whatsoever.

Your understanding, support and best wishes to us for starting our new life shall be highly appreciated.

Thanks and best regards CC: 1) Secretary of department of justice - Chairperson IACAT
2) Secretary Department of Social Welfare Dep't (DSWD) – Chairperson IACAT
3) Chairperson on Human Rights Comission Philippines 4) Commissioner Bureau of Immigration
Enclosures :- 1) Letter to The Commissioner Bureau of Immigration as mentioned above with all its enclosures i.e. Passport , Visa , Return Tickets , Bank Statement etc as produced by Cristy Mata on the date of her travel 2) Passport , SRRV Visa , SRRV ID Card of Er Sanjeev Koul .

(Er Sanjeev )

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