Friday, September 27, 2013

Complaints Form: Failed sprinkler during fire

Name*:E M C
Subject of Complaint*:Failed sprinkler during fire
Details of Complaint*:Firestop Philippines installed fire sprinkler in my house and when my house caught on fire, the sprinkler didn't work.. Damages at 5 million pesos! When I complaint to the company owner name Deven Ventor Dequito, he avoided my calls, did not reply to any of my emails and whenever I go to their office, his secretary would say that he is not there. When I tried to keep on contacting him, I had people vandalized my car and home. I even had someone who talks like a Muslim threatened to kill me. My business was robbed at gun point by men who sounded like Muslim and shot my pregnant cashier in the chest. As I found out, , the owner of Firestop Philippines is a Muslim and I guess he want me to stop contacting him.
I researched his company few days ago, I found out that his company was black listed by the Gaisano years ago because one of their department store caught on fire in Cebu, the sprinkler didn't work.
I would not even think of hiring this company ever again!
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  1. Elson Capiral: Kapper Philippines installed the sprinkler system at Gaisano South that's why it burned. You got kicked out of Winland Towers because of poor quality of your work and your son tried to extort money from us, and all our neighbors because your company has gone bankrupt. As I understand, your son took your own condo unit in Winland at gun point. Your son was later put to prison for harassing residents living in Winland Towers. Firestop Phils is not block listed with the Gaisano and the owners are not Muslim, but known Roman Catholics. Kapper Philippines is a sub-standard, un-qualified fire protection company that has created a lot of damage and risk to many buildings it has installed. Firestop Phils has always done damage control at the request of building owners due to life safety risks caused by Kapper Philippines for sub-standard quality of service. Firestop Phils has never installed or service any residence of Kapper Philippines. Kapper Philippines is still selling fire extinguishers - Beware. Their management team is dubious and whoever is running this company now is even more dubious as its supposed to be bankrupt already.

  2. elson m.capiral the owner the original designer contractor

    Elson M. Capiral the Owner o KAPPER phil. the designer ,installer,contractor of the failed sprinkler system of Gaisano South complained of its failure when he himself is to blame.the records at The Bureau of Fire Protection and the Owners Manager for engineering at that time Mr. Emil Ong and the owner himself.can testify on this.

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  4. I just saw this post. Somebody is using my name for some reason. I am the real Elson M. Capiral and I am NOT the owner of Kapper Philippines. My father, Engr. Orlando Joaquin Capiral was the Proprietor and General Manager of Kapper Philippines and is now being headed by my brother, Edric M. Capiral. Our Company is not blacklisted by the different Gaisano Group of Companies and definitely not blacklisted by Winland Towers. I personally know the owner of Firestop Philippines as a friend and business associate in the fire protection Industry of Cebu. My father and family also knows him and we have no problems past or present with him and his Company. We just dont know the motive of the person impersonating and throwing allegations to both companies but we hope this would end now. Thank you very much.

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