Sunday, August 18, 2013

Complaints Form: unreasonable offloading passenger

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Name*:jing velano
Subject of Complaint*:unreasonable offloading passenger
Details of Complaint*:Last April 26, 2013 I go back to Philippine for my annual leave and same time I planned to take with me my eldest son under my visa sponsorship supposed to be on May 12, 2013, however due to an emergency cases which i undergo major operation i was not permitted by the docotr to travel on May 12, 2013 instead it was postponed 1 week after which is May 19, 2013.

Since ticket rebooking cost is around 12000 pesos so i decided my son to proceed on May 12, 2013 since my 2 sisters is also in Dubai and whose flights were same date May 12, 2013 the only difference is the airlines and the time.

But instead the immigration officer didn't allow him to board instead he just hold him and spend time in the area where all visit visa's were interviewed till such time the plane left already, he asked my son to present my ticket itirenary and after presenting still they don't allow him to board.

And the worst thing is that he need to get his luggage and during that time there is someone who will approach you if you need to be exempted from this imigration and asking for a LAGAY UNDER THE TABLE IKA NGA 25000 PESOS TO 30000 PESOS FEE FOR SCORT IKA NGA....

I Really can't understand this kind of situation in NAIA in which in order to serve honest service its the different way around,,,,, KUTONG.

Everyday this is the situation there in NAIA airport immigration which you need to look at it and take immediate action. Lots of complaint on line but no action taken from the government.

I hope this kind of issue will be resolve, kawawa na nga mga kapwa Filipino na gumagawa ng paraan dahil sa kahirapan pero karamihan sa immigration staff magaling kumita sa madaliang paraan...
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  1. yes,,,they wont allowed ordinary person to travel as tourist even have capability to avail the tour packages and spent money to tour,unless your going to pay under the table which is 15k-30k,,,then they will allowed you....thats why dont be shocked that most of criminals and have bad records here at the philippines can go out the country freely coz they just paying the immigration..