Monday, July 1, 2013

Complaints Form: Complaints for Singapore Immigration Officers

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Name*:Lilian Cidro Afable
Subject of Complaint*:Complaints for Singapore Immigration Officers
Details of Complaint*:Dear Sir/Madam,

I was visited Singapore last June 25, 2013 to meet my boyfriend. My good mood had been spoil when I approaching immigration. The officers there work very slow and their attitude are bad enough to spoil Singapore image.
There was a western lady queuing infront of me and the officer ask only her passport then finish.
When it was my turn, I approach the officer and show my passport, invitation and my roundtrip tickets. Then she ask me if I have a show money. I told her I don't have show money but I have my credit card which I always used every time I travel and i have 100u.s dollar to pay for may taxi fare. I always travel Europe, EUA and other part here in Asia and most of my travel they ask me if I have show money, I just told them I don't bring money every time I travel, only my credit card and a little cash to pay for my taxi and to buy for my other personal stuff and I don't have any problem. The officer call his colleague and ask me to follow the another officer. I ask her what is wrong and if there's a problem but she just ignored, scold me and told me to follow the another officer. They bring me to a private rm. and keep me waiting for how many hours. I ask them nicely what was the problem? I told them I can call my boyfriend who was waiting outside the airport. I was intend to call my boyfriend but eventually the officer did not allow me to call my boyfriend and the officer just scold and insulted me. He told me that I'm not allowed to enter Singapore anymore and questioning me in a sarcastic way, how come you always come here in singapore, then look at me from head to foot and insult me. I telling them that I'm going to see my boyfriend because his work is base in Singapore but they didn't listened to me and just ignored me. I feel so humiliated. How can an officer insult a visitor and giving different treatment to different races just because I don't have show money? How can the officers having different standard of checking the money of enter to the country?
I can say immigration is the first party which contact by foreign visitor. Their bad attitude to visitor will spoil the country's image. I hope Singapore government can do something for improvement.

Lilian Cidro Afable
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