Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Complaints Form: Violation Of Human Rights Of Filipino Citizens To Travel Abro

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Name*:Mohammad Ismail
Subject of Complaint*:Violation Of Human Rights Of Filipino Citizens To Travel Abroad
Details of Complaint*:Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to refer to the general and specific functions of the Bureau of Immigration of the Philippines (BI) and observed that the offloading of international bound passengers at airport was not mentioned as one of the functions. Does the BI have the power to offload bona-fide Filipino passengers who have the right to travel abroad as provided in the Constitution of the Philippines ?

• Valid passport – at least 6 months;
• Valid Original visa for port of entry( when required); and
• For tourists, a return ticket. (Memorandum Order No. MCL – 07 -019 issued on October 24, 2007).

It has become a trend nowadays and in the past that many bona-fide Filipino passengers who wish to travel abroad have been offloaded at Ninoy Aquino International Airport at the mercy of the Immigration Officers and Agents on duty even though they have fulfilled and satisfied all the requirements as stipulated in your Guidelines On Departure Formalities For International Bound Passengers In All Airports And Seaports In The Country. I consider this is an abuse of power and violation of human rights of Filipino citizens to travel abroad.

I intend to take up the matter to the Philippines Cabinet, Commission Of Human Rights of the Philippine and the United Nations with a view to reviewing and having a proper procedure of preventing human trafficking and system of controlling international bound passengers so as the bona-fide Filipino passenger will not fall victim of circumstances of offloading at the whim and fancy of the Immigration Officers at the airport and enjoy their right to travel abroad. If ever they breach the relevant laws they could be dealt with accordingly.

Thank you,

Your respectfully,

Mohammad Ismail

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Mobile No : +60123092112
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  1. Can anybody pls stop the ground attendant officers in naia international airport in the philippines???? Their asking all the foreigners a miney as if they are oblige to give them. Forcing them and trying to give the passport back! Im a filipino but im very dissapointed with the filipinos who takes advantage foreigners! We need to promote the tourism but how can we do that if that will always happen