Thursday, June 13, 2013

Complaints Form: Offloading of Passengers

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Name*:Mohammad Ismail
Subject of Complaint*:Offloading of Passengers
Details of Complaint*:Dear Sir/Madam.

I am Mohammad Ismail , a retired senior police officer holding the last position as Deputy Director 11 of Internal Security and Public Order with the Royal Malaysia Police, Bukit Aman, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Currently I am the chairman of my own security company namely Microtech Security .
GWL4I have a filipino family friend by the name of Ruby Mendoza Lopera, holder of Passport No : XX 5002955, living at No :12 Road 13 Daang Hari, Taguig City, Philippines 1631, Mobile No : +639466333155, now having and running her own store business. She intended to visit Malaysia from 8th May 2013 to 12th May 2013 as a tourist. She had two way Phil Air Express tickets, original room reservation voucher for the duration of her visit and also financial capacity of 15000 pesos for her visiting daily expenses. However, she was offloaded after being interviewed by the Agents and Immigration Officer upon check-in. According to Ruby, she was offloaded for reason that she could not satisfy the requirements to travel as a tourist.She was advised to obtain more additional proof such as her business permit, financial capacity and etc

On advice of the Immigration Officer, she was able to fulfill all the requirements to travel and that on the 24th May 2013 with rescheduled 2-way Phil Air Express tickets, original room reservation voucher and her bank account she came to Manila Airport to travel and visit Malaysia from 24th to 29th May 2013 . She checked-in at Terminal 2 but was offloaded again without any specific reason despite the fact that she has fulfilled all the requirements as advised by the Agents and Immigration Officer at the first offloading on the 8th May 2013. I am really so perturbed and surprised as to why she was disallowed to travel and as such she had already spent so much money for her preparation to travel. I herewith attached copies of Ruby's Passport, business permit, 2 way air tickets, room reservation voucher and requirement slip of offloading issued by the Immigration Officer for your perusal and reference .

Allow me to express my views on this issue. Your Immigration Bureau cannot enforce the guidelines to any Tom, Dick and Harry who wish to travel abroad and treat them as criminals. there may be some bonafide travellers who like to travel and see the world. Just like my friend Ruby, she had fulfilled all the necessary requirements as stipulated in the guidelines on the departure formalities for international bound passengers and yet she was offloaded twice at the Manila Airport. You will bear with me and agree that her air ticket expenses and payment for confirmed room reservation from her long hard earned saving had gone to a waste when she was offloaded and unable to travel. Why you could not have a proper system of interviewing passengers at least a week before they intend to travel in order to establish the truth of their intention to travel abroad instead of interviewing them at the last minute of check-in on the travelling day where it will cause a lot of conveniences to the airlines check in counter, immigration and more so to travelling passengers. By implementing this procedure, I am sure the passengers who intend to visit abroad will not have to waste their money to buy return air tickets until they are confirmed and approved to travel abroad by the Immigration authorities instead of offloading them upon check in on the travel day. Here again, i do not see any reason why bonafide passengers are denied of their citizen right to travel and this is a clear outright abuse and oppression of citizens' constitutional and human rights. If only when they are demanded to pay bribes to the Immigration Officers at the airport, they will be allowed to pass through the immigration check point and board into the plane. Also where is the spirit, co-operation and agreement of ASEAN where citizens of member countries are given one month free gratis visa to visit ÀSEAN countries for purpose of tourism. If this is the rule of the Philippines Government to discourage her own citizens to travel abroad in particular to ASEAN countries I am afraid the spirit, concept and objectives of ASEAN will be defeated and serve no purpose at all.

I would also like to report to you that a few of my friends who intended to visit me in the past were offloaded by the Immigration Officer even though they had my letters of invitation which were issued by the Philippines Embassy in Malaysia on application and payment. It would appear that the Immigration Officers did not seem to honour and trust the legal document issued by their own Government.
On behalf of her , I beg to appeal to your good office and kind consideration that with the genuine reasons above i hope that she could be allowed to travel and visit Malaysia as a tourist without any hassle again at the airport. I will assure you and trust me that she will abide by the rules and regulations of the the Immigration law of both countries when she is travelling. I would be much appreciated and grateful for your kind and early response, please.

Thank you.


Mohammad Ismail
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Mobile No : +60123092112
Email Address :
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