Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Complaints Form: travel tax

Name*:Suzette Gonzales
Subject of Complaint*:travel tax
Details of Complaint*:my cousin paid for travel tax (going to abu dhabi uae) unfortunately she was offloaded, she tried to refund the travel tax at that moment but the officer in the travel tax desk told her that after 3days she can refund it,I rebooked the ticket of my cousin, at the airport she asked again to pay the travel tax without refunding the previous one, so she paid again for another travel tax to avoid inconvience to her travel, but again she was offloaded, she asked again for the refund of travel tax and the same answer she got from the officer after 3 days only she can refund the money but after 3 days again the officer told that she can't refund it anymore, in total she paid the travel tax two times for nothing, and knowing she's spending money for travel fare from quezon city going to the airport just for the refund and getting nothing.

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