Monday, February 18, 2013

Complaints Form: Immigration Officers/Supervisor in NAIA Terminal 3 for Singap

Name*:Lian Linsangan
Subject of Complaint*:Immigration Officers/Supervisor in NAIA Terminal 3 for Singapore KOTONG?
Details of Complaint*:My husband had a flight to Singapore on Feb. 18, 2013 and will be back to the Philippines on Feb. 21. A hotel was already booked. He wanted to tour SG and relax for 3 days since he has a stressful work here. But, when he reaches the immigration, he was asked for a lot of documents to produced. What pisses me off, is when the lady Immigration officer taunted him, "Bat yan lang 160 singapore dollars dala mo? Kakasya ba yang pang taxi? Alam mo bang mahal ang taxi dun?" Aside from the Singapore dollars, he already has some PHP money in his wallet and in the ATM. She even again asked him the amount of money in his wallet and the ATM and again told him,"Hindi kakasya yang 8thousand pesos". When he insisted that he will only be going there as tourist and for 3 days only. The girl, further said, "Asan yung CERTIFICATE OF COMPENSATION mo?"Asan yung OR ng hotel? Hindi pwede tong online reservation. Dapat may nakalagay na PAID." When he again told her, "Tumawag na kame sa hotel, okay na daw yan." She told him, "ipapafax mo yung OR". Which is really so irrelevant. She contained asking for the OR to my husband, until the lunch break reaches and endorsed my husband's papers to the next officer, which just said the same thing. His flight to SG is 1PM, and it is already 12:30PM and we have to give another 5thousand show money to my husband as additional since they keep on saying he cannot sustain his 3 days stay in SG. After I guess, having ENOUGH MONEY, the next officer then insisted for the OR to be faxed. When I called the Hotel for the OR, they even said that they cannot give the OR because my husband is still not there. I just told him to ask the immigration officer, for a written letter/request for the documents they are asking which is the reason why they do not want him to leave. My husband called me again, and I told him to ask for the written letter/request, I heard the immigration officer tell my husband over the phone, "BAT MO NGAYON HINIHINGI YAN? PINAGBIBIGYAN KA NA NGA E." My husband dropped the call and I called him and told him to get his papers and go home with me. When my husband tried to get his papers, the immigration officer took the paper that he filled up and they marked with RED COMMENTS. They don't even have IDs or name plates. After my husband emerged from the Immigration, we immediately went to the Ground Floor to ask to talk to an Immigration Supervisor. The information at the ground floor, called the "supposed" Immigration Supervisor, and I talked to her and she even said the same thing that the 2 immigration officers said- "PINALAGPAS NA NAMIN YUNG SA PERA, BASTA MAG PRODUCE KAYO NG OR, PARA MAKALIPAD NA ASAWA NYO. HINDI VALID YANG RESERVATION ONLINE." When I asked who will pay for the rebooking fees, she cut off the call. I just told my husband to go home. We went home with 12K round trip ticket unused and 50singapore dollars charged by the hotel to us without leaving PH.


  1. Grabe naman, walang awa!!! Sana matigil na to

  2. kasuhan neo po un immigration officer pra madala, maangas kc mga yan eh, i experienced the same thing,, Clark Airport, Pampanga,,,

  3. exiting to the phils or carrying a tourist visa going to another country, wg kau mag-attempt n sa pinas manggaling dhil lmalakad k p lng plapit ng window ng immigration, kriminal n ang tingin sau,,, d nla naiicip n ndi libre ang plane tickets & visas...kc nga d cla tao..halimaw cla,,,

  4. Real daylight extortion. Why the authorities condone such immoral and irresponsible act the passenger. Are u not ashamed of the misconduct of ur own Immigration Officers as public servants. If true, what action ve u taken against them. What a shameful act !!!

  5. this same thing happened to me 2 weeks ago while i am on a trip to Seoul. I only have US$600 and some P8,000 in my wallet then the officer asked for my invitation letter. sabi ko sa officer, "ba't nyo ako pigilan dahil bah yan lang dala kong pera? bakit, hindi bah pwedeng mag withdraw or gumamit ng ATM sa korea?? and besides, the Korean Embassy issued me a visa which means kaya ko mag bakasyon diba?" tapos the officer started mocking at me..kakainis. yung flight ko is at 12nn tapos dalawang oras ako nakaupo sa harapan nya. this happened in mactan-cebu int'l airport. he get my atm card, 2 credit cards and had it photocopied.. grabeh kainis 'tong mga officer na to

  6. how to direct all these complaints to the right channel and how to ensure that we are getting feedback or these complaints are being addressed here?

    have we tried to send also the same complaints to the contact info found in this link:

  7. Next time we are at the immigration area, we can try to document/record all these conversations/incidents with the immigration officers, take videos/photos of these "rightful" immigration officers and collect their names and contact details and distribute the videos/photos/info via the social networking sites

  8. We should do some action.. next time they offload me since its my 3rd time to travel,i really going to make some action, we have the rights to travel, its in the law; bullshit!

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  10. Fucking immigration officer, cant recognize who is criminal who is innocent person, I married Philippine girl got all the paper, still block my wife and never alow to fly, this is 3rd time block her, always find fucking fault. Stupid Philippine officer.

  11. Where can we complain? We arrIVED last night and just found out that my checking luggage was opened and they stole some stuff. So pissed! Lets do something!!

  12. same thing happend to me last Wednesday.. i've wasted 12k for the stupid non refundable cebu pacific tickets and 130 SG$ for hotel reservation.. i will just also have my 3days holiday vacation and yet the officer offloaded me.. most of the passenger fly to SG are offloaded on that day, they said were almost hundreds.. grabe tlg mga demonyo!

  13. May kita siguro sila per offload.

  14. Same thing happen to us today!
    Kapal ng muka ng immigration sa terminal 1
    Mayayabang talga!!! Lalo na un nakasalamin mukang nurdy angas pa
    Kala mu cla sasagot ng lahat smin kapal muka.
    Nasayang booking namin
    Lahat tlga

  15. May kita yang mga yan sa offload!!


    1. Oo grabe sila. Mga hayop. Immigration officers are fucking idiot. Sana nababasa nila to. Mga bastos. Degrading.

  16. It was terminal 2!!!!we

  17. I was offloaded yesterday - It is my first time to travel outside going to singapore for only 3 days I have my return ticket, valid company id. AND pocket money cost 500 usd. I used my credit card of my foreigner FRIEND from malaysia to purchased the airline ticket . I have a copy of his passport ID AND his credit card that I used..he was also going to singapore and we already booked in Marina San Bay. but they ask stupid question in immigration asking '' are you sure you dont relationship?''
    why you will be in one room ''??
    so who where he will going to sleep.? if you dont have relationship why you will be in one room
    I answered NO we dont have relationship
    ( I am saying truth because we really dont have relationship as bf and gf''
    THE IO officer so you are nurse? maybe your just going to have your exam there
    i replied no
    and the immigration office replied
    mam sorry but i am not going you to allowed to be in the boarding...
    she said i was inconsitent to my statement because she really want me to admit that my friend is my bf plus she said
    my friend would not allow to be my sponsor because only relatives in singapore is allowed.
    i was cried infront of them and just leave. I am very disappointed. they are asking irrelevant question and too there anything I could do about this?

  18. gusto ng mga hayop na yan sila lang ang mag travel abroad

  19. only in the phils ang ganyan, mabilis maka pasok sa ibang bansa , mag match lang ang passport , visa at tumingin ka lang sa camera ok na. pag wala ka namang criminal records sana payagan ka mag travel abroad. hindi na sakto ang ginagawa ng immigration officer dito sa pinas.

  20. Mga gago yang mga immigration na yan.. di iniisip yung perang ginagastos akala ata nila libre ticket sa hotel booking... Wala nga sila maibigay na PInas ,, yung mga taong nangangarap ng magandang buhay sila ang nagbibigay para lalong maghirap.. .. paurong..mga utak pagong..kaya di umuunlad ang Pilipinas..ang sangkaterbang mga magnanakaw pa.. puro corruption... kaya its more fun in the PHilippines

  21. Kokontakin ko kaagad si Tulfo pag nanguari sa akin yan. Mga gago.