Monday, May 7, 2012

Complaints Form: Myphone unit

Subject of Complaint*:Myphone unit
Details of Complaint*:<br /> I am having a nightmare since March 8, 2012. Myphone is turning me crazy. I bought QTV20 1423 in Siena Mobile World Corp, SM Megamal as a birthday presence to my daughter. Suprisingly when we just transfer files from other folder it always turn off. I sent it to service center twice for repair. More surprisingly knowing that they told me that the unit is low quality that's why it cannot transfer big files. I cant accept their explanation but anyway they are in a position so I went home. Again, upon reaching our house when I opened it and installed the sim cards Sim 1 cannot identify and when I made a call it turn off or the screen went black. Again I brought it to the service center nearest to our house wherein I demand for replacement because of the agony I;m dealing with t! hat cp. After a week I followed up the status and the call agent told me that it's now ready for pick-up. I informed the agent to pls. tell the manager or anybody that I could talk to so that I can air my grief. They just told me to send my complaint to I made follow-up phone calls, the same answer I've got "READY FOR PICK UP" and I said AGAIN? haven't I've told that I need a replacement? @(*#!I@()*& open my email if there is a reply hmmmm for God's sake up to now there's no answer. I wonder why???? is is because they are too busy answering the same complaint of mine? I promise to myself I will not buy Myphone anymore and I've told to my friends too. It's very disgusting..... Until now May 7 no positive response from their customer service. I wonder if that is because too busy for the bulk complaints....
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  1. have you got any reply for this? you write very detail complaint...

  2. My complain is about myphoneTW30 that the manager of sony service center cebu told that my phone need a board replacement in second time but in real situation there is no evidence that they replaced the board and all of the their staff blind me of everything!!

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    I have a law of that

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