Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Complaints Form: immigration

Name*:rowena letham
Subject of Complaint*:immigration
Details of Complaint*:this was my complaint to immigration and the e mail address does not exist go figure!!!!!!!!!!!!

To whom it may concern,

Today October 6 2011 my cousin en route to my location here in Oman was stopped and subjected to unnecessary questioning by your staff after check-in at our International air port Manila where she was asked to submit a faxed copy of my birth certificate.

By the time I faxed this document it was too late and my cousin missed her flight causing a re-booking at a cost to me.

She had all required documentation inclusive of original affidavit from our embassy here in Oman and still you requested a copy of my birth certificate.

I am sure you know I cannot obtain an affidavit from the embassy without showing my birth certificate.

I claim now that I should be given recompense for this nonsense at the airport.

If you refuse to take this grievance seriously and do not bother to reply to this e-mail I shall assume I have to make an attempt to take this farther.

I am a good person who tries hard to cause no trouble to any one
and will not rest until satisfaction has been reached.

Please do not treat this letter with contempt in the same way as my cousin was treated at the airport today!

I do hope you will reply soon to this e-mail.


Rowena S Letham.
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  1. Hi, rowena, care to share more? i experienced the same thing too actually.